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Modula Marketing Strategy

37% Increase In Conversions Through Strategic Marketing

  • Modula needed to enhance their online presence, attract more qualified leads, and convert leads into loyal customers.
  • We implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy with the main focus on PPC (Google and Bing), SEO and social media.
  • We achieved a 1,025% growth in organic traffic after 18 months of continuous marketing efforts.
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The Challenge

Modula struggled with online visibility, lead generation and conversion.

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Lack Of Online Visibility

Modula struggled to craft and promote content that not only resonated with their target audience but also commanded attention in a crowded online landscape.

Poor Quality Leads

The company encountered the challenge of attracting high-quality leads relevant to their modular solutions, as opposed to a high quantity of unqualified leads.

Low Conversion Rates

Modula faced the challenge of conveying the value and versatility of their solutions effectively, due to the complexity of their product range.

Lack of Educational Content

Modula found it challenging to produce informative materials that would enlighten their audience about the benefits of their modular solutions.

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We created a comprehensive marketing strategy
that both converted and educated customers

Some of our deliverables included:
  • Market Analysis

    We analyzed the competitive U.S. automated storage and retrieval system landscape and found suitable keywords to bid for, based on search intent and difficulty.

  • SEO & Content Writing

    We carried out SEO strategies to enhance our content creation, focusing on pertinent topics to increase visibility and elevate our domain ranking.

  • Audience Reach

    We targeted customers based on industries, job positions and state, engaging and educating content in social media and PPC.

  • Retargeting

    We created a retargeting campaign for the most eligible prospects, highlighting key vertical and horizontal automated warehouse solutions.

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The Results

Over 18 months, Modula achieved:

1 K

Growth in organic traffic

37 %

Increase in conversions

31 pt

Increase in domain rating

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