Accessibility Statement 

Our tech team is on it!
At DigitalSilk, we believe in crafting digital experiences that resonate with creativity and innovation. Our website is no exception — we are putting in the effort to ensure it is not only visually stunning but also accessible to everyone

Features Making Our Website Accessible:

We’ve added cool stuff to make the website more accessible, like:
  • Easy Keyboard Navigation: You can get around our site using just the keyboard, so no worries if using a mouse is tricky for you.
  • Clear Focus Indicators: We made sure interactive stuff like links and forms are easy to see, so you always know where you are.
  • Adjustable Text Size: You can zoom the page size to your liking without the layout breaking. Reading should be comfy for everyone.
  • Consistent and Clear Layout: We want you to find things easily, no matter what you’re using to browse the site.
  • Accessible Forms: Our forms are designed to be straightforward. We’re here to help, not confuse you.
  • Colors that Work: We’ve picked colors that are easy on the eyes, so you can read without any trouble.

Things We Plan to Improve in Our Website: 

  • Assistive Tech: We’ll test our site with different assistive technologies, so you navigate without a hitch.
  • Alt Text for Images: We’ll add descriptions to our images, so you know what they’re all about.
  • Skip to Main Content: We will put skip links to help you skip the repetitive stuff and get straight to the good parts.
  • We Plan to Make our Website Screen Reader Friendly: Our website should work great with popular screen reader software. We’ll design it to talk to you.
  • Enhancing Keyboard Navigation: We acknowledge that certain areas of the website are currently inaccessible via keyboard alone. Rest assured, we are actively addressing this issue.

Your Feedback Matters: 

At DigitalSilk, we’re not just committed to continuous improvement; we see accessibility as an ever-evolving journey. Your feedback is like the compass guiding us on this dynamic path.
If you encounter any challenges or have suggestions for enhancing accessibility, please reach out to us at Contact Form Page.
We’re always eager to hear from you. As technology advances, so do our efforts to adapt and ensure our digital realm remains inclusive. Your insights play a crucial role in shaping the future of accessibility on our platform.

Thank You for Choosing DigitalSilk: 

Thank you for choosing DigitalSilk as your digital agency. We’re thrilled to have you on board and look forward to continuing to create digital experiences that leave a lasting impact.
Stay creative, stay connected, and thank you for being a part of the DigitalSilk journey!