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ERP Software Development Company

Work with a top ERP software development company to customize and integrate Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions to your business operations.

  • Streamline Business Operations
  • Improve Workflows & Collaboration
  • Enhance Data Protection
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ERP Software Development Services

Build custom, scalable systems tailored end-to-end to support automation and improve processes within your organization.

ERP Software Customization

Save time and money on account reconciliation. Reduce data entry time, streamline inventory management without manual intervention, and prevent human error by providing employees with accurate information at all times.

ERP Software Integration

Enable different ERP systems and applications or data sources to work in synergy. Our experts will help you facilitate data flow between your ERP systems through API integration, data synchronization and database linking.

Enterprise CRM

We will help you implement solutions and optimize your integrated system to manage all aspects of the customer lifecycle: lead qualification, sales and marketing, customer service and account management.

Business Process Management Solutions

Our business process management solutions will help you automate and streamline your workflows. Increase productivity and quality, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Faculty Management Solutions

We implement and optimize solutions to help colleges, universities, and educational institutions manage their faculty and staff. Track and manage tasks from recruitment to retirement, including evaluations, hiring processes and work schedules—to name a few.

HR Management Solutions

HR managers can improve the efficiency of HR departments by automating tasks, and managing employee relations and processes. We will implement and optimize the right tools for you, from Software as a Service (SaaS) to on-premises software and hardware.

ERP software development agency
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ERP software development agency
Our Clients

Trusted ERP Development Company

We work with brands across industries and of all sizes to streamline organization and processes through ERP.

Our Approach

Experience ERP Software Development With Digital Silk

Here are the building blocks we lean on to build lasting client relationships.

Project Ownership

Project Ownership

We handle every software development project uniquely depending on its needs and goals, but put in the same effort and dedication into leading each project and driving it to completion.

A woman representing project ownership, an ERP software development company approach


Through regular meetings with our team, we keep you updated on how your ERP software development project is progressing, so you always know what’s in the pipeline.

Two people discussing transparency as an ERO software development company approach


Every recommendation we make is backed by data. We are results-focused, which means there’s always a detailed ‘why’ behind every strategy.

A group of experts high-fiving ERP software development company results

Consult Our ERP Software Development Team

Receive personalized insights from industry-leading experts.

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Our Scope

Full-Service ERP Software Development & Digital Agency

We provide end-to-end solutions, from building an ERP system from scratch to taking over an existing development project or developing innovative strategies.

An ERP software development company lead generation expert at work

Our marketing experts are here to help you identify and attract the right consumers for your product or Our team will review your existing strategy and deep dive into your industry, competitors and target market to gather insights and create a custom strategy to improve lead gen.

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Experts working on web design and development, an ERP software development company service

We specialize in custom web design and development for brands of all sizes, across industries.

Armed with experience, industry expertise and data-backed insights, our web designs are strategically engineered to deliver measurable results.

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Two women providing app development as an ERP software development company service

Our experts create cutting-edge apps on every major platform. We ensure a superior user experience on every device, from optimal page loading speed to responsive design and branded elements that drive engagement.

An expert providing enterprise consulting as an ERP software development company service

Our experts have a proven track record of working with well-known and international brands to help them improve their business performance and grow online.

We’ll examine your existing strategy, identify areas for improvement and areas for opportunity, and provide expert recommendations to help you meet your goals.

A man providing startup consulting as an ERP software development company service

We’ll help you grow sustainably by understanding your market, analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, and using data-backed insights to help you make informed decisions.

From financial forecasting to hiring recommendations and more, our startup consulting services help you set your business up to scale.

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ERP software development company branding samples

You need a unique name and brand identity for your product or service and our experts are here to help you with that.

From your logo design to your brand voice and more, we’ll help you define and solidify your brand identity and make a place for yourself in the market.

Explore Digital Branding Services
A group of experts discussing ERP software development digital marketing strategy

From content marketing to social media marketing and email automation, our digital marketing services are designed to help you funnel targeted traffic to your site and carefully nurture qualified leads to conversion.

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Our Approach

Our ERP Software Development Process

Here’s a bird’s eye view of our ERP software development process, from beginning to end.

Gathering Requirements

Gathering Requirements

The first step in building your solution is to learn about your current ecosystem, including team structure, processes, software and other technology currently in use. Then we work with you to map our your requirements.

Two women gathering requirements as an ERP software development company process
Designing The Solution

Designing The Solution

Next, we develop wireframes to help you visualize the result, as well as to serve as a blueprint for your solution.

A woman working on ERP software development solutions design process
Developing The Solution

Developing The Solution

The development process begins with the selection of technology stacks and hosting platforms. We help you identify the right tools to build a high-performing solution within your needs and budget.

A man engaged in solution development, an ERP software development company process
Testing The Solution

Testing The Solution

We quality assure our solutions throughout the development process and run extensive testing before deployment, covering all environments, including devices, operating systems and browsers.

A woman running ERP software development quality assurance process
Deploying & Training

Deploying & Training

After deployment comes adoption. We develop a launch plan to help you integrate your new solution into your day-to-day operations.

Two people discussing deployment and training, an ERP software development company process
Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Finally, we offer technical support and maintenance services. Our teams will be at your disposal to help you integrate new third-party platforms, add functionalities and scale your solution as your business requires.

A team meeting about ERP software development company support and maintenance process
Update Your Existing ERP Software

ERP Software Development Best Practices

Here’s a look at how we approach ERP projects.

Defining The Scope
Developing & Testing


Our experts analyze your existing software, focusing on technology, as well as your organizational structure and processes.

This allows us to identify the weaknesses and opportunities within your current system.

A man following ERP software development company best practice: analyzing

Defining The Scope

We work together with your team to define the scope of the upgrade, including technical additions, changes in workflows, functionality, as well as project timelines.

Two experts following ERP software development company best practice: defining the scope


Depending on the scope of the project, we plan how to migrate the existing databases and ensure that both your data and your staff transition smoothly to the upgraded system.

A group of experts following ERP software development company best practice: planning

Developing & Testing

Our teams implement the changes, then test the new workflows and features extensively before release to ensure the old and new elements work together seamlessly.

A person following ERP software development company best practice: developing and testing
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ERP Software Development FAQs

A custom ERP solution is yours to design, build, integrate and scale according to your organization’s needs.

This gives businesses control over their investment in the long term, and it gives them complete control over the future of this software.

Every organization is unique.

Rather than altering processes to fit an off-the-shelf software product, an increasing number of businesses are choosing to develop solutions to their particular pain points and bottlenecks, as well as the tools that will help them realize their business potential.

If you’ve got a custom ERP project in mind, reach out today for your personalized estimate.

From mobile functionality to intelligent analytics, building your own ERP solution allows you to add the functionality your organization needs for smarter, more agile administration, management and decision making.

  • Intelligent analytics based on deep data & AI
  • Real-time updates deployed to select users across devices
  • Mobile access to send, retrieve & manage data on the go

Other strategic integrations and features can help you increase efficiency, automate workflows and futureproof your solution. Some of them include:

  • Social media integrations
  • Advanced customization tools to facilitate creativity, branding & more
  • Interactive modules to facilitate collaboration & more

For a detailed project estimate and timeline, reach out to our team.

Custom ERP software has no licensing fees.

With its features tailored to optimize your organization’s productivity, this solution not only offers greater value than off-the-shelf products, but it results in long-term savings as well.

Building and implementing custom ERP software can take anywhere between a few months and 1-2 years, depending on:

  • The size of your company
  • Expected concurrent users
  • The amount of independent instances
  • The complexity of the system
  • Cloud versus on-premises
  • Transfer from (or integration with) legacy systems

Because of the scope and duration of the project, it’s important to partner with a ERP software development agency who provides honest, transparent feedback and reporting throughout the process in regards to progress and resource allocation.

If you’re looking for a professional, proven ERP software company to partner with, reach out to Digital Silk today for case studies and a personalized timeframe estimate.

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