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Startup Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of startup consulting services, from custom strategies to financial forecasting and more.

Custom Strategy


We’ll analyze the market segment in which you plan to grow your company, research industry trends, conduct a competitive analysis and gain a throughout understanding of your target market and user behavior.

Project Management


Our team will evaluate your current plan for project management, and create a detailed strategy to help you move your business towards its unique goals.

Financial Modeling & Forecasting


Financial forecasting is arguably one of the most valuable aspects of hiring a startup consultant.

Company Management


We’ll evaluate your current processes and determine methods to help you further streamline operations.

Coaching & Mentoring


Our consultants serve as your personal coach or mentor to help ensure your new business is set up to scale.

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We work with startups across industries to help them increase visibility, grow credibility and reach target audiences.

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Startup Consulting Areas Of Expertise

From building our own businesses to developing efficient methodologies, we have the know-how to support your growth.

Growing & Selling Businesses

Growing & Selling Businesses

We founded a digital agency and grew it organically to over 250 team members in a couple of years and despite a global economic crisis. We sold the agency to a leading IT company.

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Team Structure & Workflow

Team Structure & Workflow

We’ve created efficient team structures and workflows to execute work for startup companies to drive growth and position brands to scale.

A group of people representing startup consulting track record: the creation of efficient team structures and workflows
Sales Tactics

Sales Tactics

We’ve created sales tactics for small and large businesses alike, to increase incoming leads and closures while streamlining production to decrease overhead spending.

A group of people representing startup consulting track record: the creation of successful sales tactics

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What Is A Business Startup Consultant?

A business startup consultant is a third-party advisor who provides industry expertise to startup projects. 

Startup consulting can be vital in keeping a company going during its critical formative stages and helping a new brand avoid initial obstacles that slow down growth. 

Startup consultants assess aspects like finances, hiring, company procedures, and marketing efforts to help ensure a visible brand presence, a positive brand reputation and the ability to scale.

What Does A Startup Consultant Do?

A startup consultant evaluates your company’s business plan and offers guidance on how to manage and execute resources and navigate potential threats and liabilities. 

A business startup consultant’s tasks typically include: 

  • Providing an independent and educated perspective on your business idea 
  • Assessing your company’s capabilities for possible opportunities and gaps in growing your business 
  • Mapping out a realistic budget for building and launching your product or service
  • Performing in-depth market research about your competition, target audience and marketing strategy 
  • Defining the right scope of a minimum viable product 
  • Assisting with plans to solidify the offering of products, services or solutions, such as planning marketing activities, creating a brand identity, determining how to reach potential customers and defining a path to business expansion 
  • Setting up management framework, including cash-flow management, HR policies, vendor management and other internal factors 
  • Mentoring and training your team in different areas, such as sales, customer service and marketing, to speed up business processes and help your company achieve its goals 

How Can A Startup Consultant Help You Grow Your Brand?

A startup consultant can help you grow your brand by focusing on five key areas: 

1. Market Research 

Market research includes analyzing your target audience and your competitors — it’s the essential first step of any business undertaking, as it sets the groundwork for strategic decision-making. 

A business startup consultant meticulously analyzes the market segment in which you plan to grow your company, including industry trends, your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and your prospects’ pain points and expectations, in order to gain a thorough understanding of your market. 

After analyzing your market, a consultant can provide you with a detailed strategy regarding your marketing campaigns and other vital business efforts to ensure you stand out from the competition by fostering brand visibility and providing a unique value proposition. 

2. Business Plan & Strategy Creation 

An effective business strategy is especially important for new enterprises. 

If your startup business does not yet have a specific roadmap or a set of clear and attainable objectives, a consultant can help you put a strategic plan in place to help ensure your business is on an upward trajectory through all lifecycle stages. 

Your consultant partner will evaluate and analyze your existing plans and processes, make recommendations, and develop a blueprint for a new business model, along with recommendations and instructions for execution. 

For example, when supporting branding for startups, a consultant may suggest the tone of voice, messaging style, targeted demographics and posting schedule you should use to connect with potential customers on social media.

3. Project Management, Financial Modeling & Forecasting 

A business consultant will evaluate your current project management plan and outline a strategy for moving your business towards its specific goals. 

This may include recommendations in branding, lead generation, marketing, advertising, and other areas of business. 

Financial modeling may be arguably one of the most lucrative aspects of hiring a startup consultant, considering that a reported 82% of new businesses fail due to financial problems. 

A small business startup consulting expert will take an in-depth look at your financial plan and offer advice on areas of investing to determine what it will take for your business to grow and meet its goals in the future. 

With this expertise, consultants make sure your money is invested wisely in areas like marketing, branding and hiring, and lessen the chance of failure due to financial problems.  

4. Company Management 

Another key area of your company that a business startup consultant can help improve its management. 

An expert can evaluate your processes and ensure everything is streamlined, to avoid potential setbacks and blunders. They can also help grow your existing resources to maximize efficiency. 

For example, a consultant can help you decide what operations should be kept in-house and which operations you should outsource. They can also analyze your staff, and make hiring, training and recruitment recommendations.

5. Coaching & Mentoring 

A startup consultant can serve as a coach and mentor to guide and educate you and your staff through the intricacies of your new business, providing success stories and insightful strategies, as well as full-fledged training and mentoring sessions.  

These training sessions can encompass all sectors and areas, from finance and sales to branding and marketing, communication strategies and key leadership skills. 

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5 Benefits Of Hiring A Startup Consultant

Here are five key reasons why you should consider hiring an expert to help you with your startup project. 

1. Unbiased Feedback And An Outside Perspective 

Unbiased and honest feedback can be immensely beneficial to startup enterprises. An outside consultant can impartially point out internal and external issues and threats that business owners may not realize exist, regarding business models, practices, and directions to improve performance. 

2. Expert Insight & Relevant Industry Expertise 

Typically, serial entrepreneurs or investors with an extensive track record in building businesses from scratch, startup consultants have spent years carrying out specialized roles in successful companies. 

Therefore, these experts can provide valuable advice on management, strategy, marketing, finance, and other facets of leading a business, especially if you are new to the world of business. 

3. Results-Oriented Approach Tailored To Your Goals 

Knowing that every startup venture is unique, an experienced consultant will not offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Instead, they will adapt their strategy and plan of action according to your individual industry and project, setting realistic goals and KPIs to measure your performance. 

For example, let’s say you are starting a craft coffee brand. To connect with potential customers and separate yourself from your competition, you plan to share the story of the beans you use, from their origin to how they’re brewed in your coffee shop. 

A startup consultant could help you sharpen this angle with a dynamic and engaging story, along with a cohesive marketing approach, messaging style, tone of voice and visuals. 

An expert can also evaluate your budget and ensure your money is allocated in the best way possible to different sectors, like marketing or sales, depending on the challenges you face and your competition. 

4. Long-Term Cost Reduction & Time Savings 

Acquiring the expertise of a startup consulting specialist reduces costs and saves time in the long run because they focus on your company’s sustainable profitability. 

For example, a consultant can point out areas in which you can reduce your budget and save money, explain how to keep your taxes low and suggest a feasible budget for building and launching a product or a service. 

They can also identify issues related to your internal structure and processes that may result in ineffective day-to-day work, leading to deadline issues. 

By ensuring that your processes are streamlined effectively, a consultant can help you cut costs without cutting corners. 

5. Access To Valuable Resources 

Business startup consultants have access to valuable resources that may give your company the important edge it needs in its development phase and empower you to make informed decisions. 

These resources may include market surveys and white papers, expensive competitor and target audience analysis suites (like SimilarWeb and Ahrefs), feasibility studies, and benchmarking and core competency tools (like HWMonitor and 3DMark). 

How Much Do Business Startup Consulting Services Cost?

The cost of hiring a business startup consultant may vary based on several different factors, including how they base their fees.

Some opt for a flat, project-based or performance-based fee, while others opt for a monthly retainer. 

The price of startup consulting is determined by: 

  • The scope and type of services you require 
  • The experience of the business startup consultant 
  • Your competitive landscape and physical location 
  • Whether you need one-time or continuous consulting services 

As hourly rates and project scopes can vary greatly, the recommended course of action is to contact your prospective service providers for a custom quote.

You can call us at (800) 206-9413 or fill out the Request a Quote form on our website. We’ll get back to you promptly.

How To Choose The Right Startup Consulting Partner For Your Business

There are several key factors you should consider when choosing a business startup consultant: 

  • Portfolio: A consultant’s portfolio and case studies provide insight into their past experience and the type of clients and industries they have worked with, to help you understand if their expertise is applicable to your company. 
  • Third-party reviews and references: Social proof can help testify to a consultant’s credibility, professionalism and abilities. Past clients can tell you a lot about a consultant’s prowess, communication skills, flexibility, and other factors, to estimate whether they are the best fit for your company. 
  • Communication skills: Consultancy experts must be able to convey their suggestions, discuss issues and request feedback from you clearly, concisely and in unambiguous terms. Strong communication skills facilitate the passing and adoption of knowledge and the delivery of advice. 
  • A personalized approach: Make sure the business startup consultant you hire is willing to provide you with solutions tailored specifically to your needs and goals. They should show interest in your particular industry and knowledge about the challenges you face and be able to create a plan of action based on thorough research of your target audience and competitors. 

5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Startup Consultant

Here are five questions to ask when deciding between several potential business startup consultants. 

1. Could You Share Some Startup Consulting Success Stories? 

A successful consultant should have proven credentials and an impressive performance history. When evaluating their track record, focus on the challenges they have faced, the solutions they have provided and the results they have achieved. 

2. Have You Worked With Startups In This Industry? 

A startup consultant who thoroughly understands your offering, market and target audience can give your company a major competitive edge by setting you on the right path from the get-go. 

Their industry experience will provide well-informed solutions and deep insights that will save money and time. 

3. What Key Areas Of Our Business Require Special Attention? 

The answer to this question should display your consultant’s relevant experience and innovative insight. They should also acknowledge that every startup business is unique and requires specific solutions. 

4. How Would You Prioritize Our Budget? 

Your chosen consultant’s financial strategy for your business should be based on your business goals and existing resources. 

A successful consultant will be able to evaluate your business model, goals and financial situation and provide general ideas as to where and how you should allocate your resources to reach your objectives. 

5. How Do You Measure Results? 

It’s important to ensure the consultant you choose looks at success the same way you do. 

Based on your goals, determine what success would look like for your company, and ask your potential consultant what they consider to be a successful project. 

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