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50 Powerful Call-To-Action Phrases [+ Examples]

Looking to convert more leads for your business? Discover 50 powerful call-to-action phrases, see examples and boost your conversion rate.

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Calls-to-action are a powerful tool for any website.

Used correctly, they can act as vital signposts for your website visitors to follow. Used poorly, they can leave your visitors wandering aimlessly around your site, before they bounce without converting.

We’ve rounded up 50 powerful call-to-action phrases for different stages of the user journey.

We’ll highlight examples from our own Digital Silk portfolio and outline how to create the best calls-to-action for your brand.

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What Is A Call-To-Action?

A call-to-action, or CTA, is a word or phrase intended to prompt a desired action from a reader or website visitor. In other words, it provides instruction that guides a website visitor towards an interaction or decision.

While a call-to-action can be a simple text prompt, it is often accompanied by a link or button with the ultimate purpose of conversion.

Examples OF Powerful Call-To-Action Phrases For More Information

Guiding leads to more information on your website is a top-of-the-funnel (ToFu) action that requires ToFu calls-to action.

What does this mean?

Top-of-the-funnel interactions are typically your website’s first point of contact with a range of leads, who have found your site for the first time either organically or through an ad.

In turn, your calls-to-action should provide valuable content and resources to pique interest, initiate the customer journey and build brand awareness.

You can do this by using language that provides a personalized path to relevant information, such as your brand’s unique value propositions (UVPs).

Some examples of powerful call-to-action phrases for more information include:

  1. Keep exploring
  2. Read ‘X’ case study
  3. Get the lowdown
  4. Compare ‘XYZ’
  5. Play video
  6. Download now
  7. Grab our limited-edition content
  8. Get your free copy
  9. See our work in action

Digital Silk’s Call-To-Action Examples For More Information

What do these calls-to-action look like in reality?

Here is a pair of examples from our Digital Silk website:

A screenshot of Digital Silk's case study CTA

When visiting our homepage, visitors will see a collection of five case study highlights.

Each is followed by a call-to-action that guides the visitor to read the case studies.

A screenshot of Digital Silk's video CTA

In the case of our video calls-to-action, we included the action verb see to highlight the form of content that will pop up when clicked.

In addition, we included the length of 2 minutes to make sure the visitor has a full understanding of the time they are giving to learn more about our brand.

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Examples Of Powerful Call-To-Action Phrases For Content Subscriptions

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, capturing and retaining the attention of your audience is paramount.

When it comes to subscriptions, your CTA plays a pivotal role in encouraging visitors to take that crucial step from casual browsers to loyal subscribers.

In turn, your CTA requires both ToFu and middle of the funnel (MoFu) messaging.

Here, MoFu relates to the brand consideration stage of the user or buyer journey, where visitors are aware of your business but still need to be convinced by what you offer.

So, your call-to-action messaging needs to provide a reason, either benefit or fear of missing out (FOMO)-based, to subscribe to your content.

By placing these calls-to-action across landing pages, blogs or pop-ups, your goal is to continue nurturing your lead by offering valuable content in return for top-level contact information.

Some examples of powerful call-to-action phrases for content subscriptions include:

  1. Never miss a beat
  2. Get the latest updates
  3. Join the movement
  4. Subscribe now
  5. Sign up to get the latest
  6. Join our mailing list
  7. Get access
  8. Spice up your week

Digital Silk’s Call-To-Action Examples For Content Subscriptions

As shown, content subscription calls-to-action can take numerous forms. Here are examples of two of our own:

A screenshot of Digital Silk's newsletter CTA

Our Digital Silk newsletter call-to-action consists of three key parts to show to reader all they need to know in one swift action:

  1. Sign Up To Get The Latest Digital Trends: What they will receive
  2. Enter your email: What they must give
  3. Sign Up: The final action
Screenshot of Plent's 'Never miss a beet' CTA
[Source: Plenty]

We included a pun in the subscription call-to-action for indoor vertical farming producer Plenty.

Our Never miss a beet! phrasing strengthens Plenty’s playful brand identity while bringing attention to a footer call-to-action that could otherwise go unseen.

Do you enjoy seeing pun-based calls-to-action, like the one above, on a website?

Examples Of Powerful Call-To-Action Phrases For Service Subscriptions

When offering a service subscription, or a free trial, your lead is entering the decision stage, or the bottom of the funnel (BoFu).

While your leads are aware of your business and interested in your services, they still need to be convinced to take the final leap.

Here, your calls-to-action need to continue providing your services’ UVPs, while also giving reason for conversion.

How is this done?

By highlighting a specific benefit attached to your service subscriptions.

Some examples of powerful call-to-action phrases for service subscriptions include:

  1. Subscribe today
  2. Sign up
  3. Don’t miss out, join now!
  4. Start free trial
  5. Sign up—it’s free!
  6. Try now, pay later
  7. Try for free, no strings attached
  8. Start free with email/Google
  9. Request demo
  10. Try before you buy
  11. Get started in minutes
  12. Find the plan for you

Digital Silk’s Call-To-Action Examples For Service Subscriptions

What are our favorite service subscription call-to-action examples?

A screenshot of FieldEdge's hero CTA
[Source: FieldEdge]

Working with field services management software provider FieldEdge, our content and design teams collaborated to craft an eye-catching homepage call-to-action.

By adding Request Demo in a visible and accessible color-contrasted button below three key benefits of FieldEdge’s services, visitors are immediately drawn to, and told, what they should do next.

A screenshot of Exactera's hero CTA
[Source: Exactera]

With powerful button calls-to-action next to interactive design elements, tax compliance software provider Exactera’s calls-to-action are impossible to ignore.

What’s more, by placing the Book a demo and See the Overview calls-to-action next to each other, visitors can choose their preferred user journey.

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Examples Of Powerful Call-To-Action Phrases For Contact Forms

Contact forms enable your leads to reach out to you individually.

If your lead is considering making contact, calls-to-action can help facilitate this final step by making it as simple a step as possible.

Placed on specific landing or product pages, your contact form calls-to-action should be clear and precise.

Some examples of powerful call-to-action phrases for contact forms include:

  1. Contact us
  2. Meet our team
  3. Speak with our experts
  4. Set up a consultation
  5. Reach out today
  6. Talk with us
  7. Have a question? Ask us
  8. Consult our experts
  9. Request a quote
  10. Book now

Digital Silk’s Call-To-Action Example For Contact Forms

At Digital Silk, the conta calls-to-action placed on our service pages are personalized to the content that surrounds them and take two distinct formats.

Each of these resonate with our website visitors at different stages of their respective projects.

Take our New York web design page, for example:

A screenshot of Digital Silk's contact CTA

Want to explain your project and hear about our services? Schedule a consultation to speak with our experts.

A screenshot of Digital Silk's request a quote form CTA

Ready to see how much your specific project will cost? Request a quote.

By customizing these calls-to-action, we make sure we are talking directly to multiple segments of visitors searching for web design services in New York.

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Examples Of Powerful Call-To-Action Phrases For eCommerce

If you run an eCommerce brand, your MoFu and BoFu calls-to-action will revolve around sales.

At first, you’ll need to convince your lead. Promoting an offer in your calls-to-action can instigate a FOMO reaction and spark urgency, speeding up the conversion process.

Finally, once a convinced lead is scanning your product or checkout page, using direct, bold and straightforward language will show your lead how they can make the purchase.

Some examples of powerful call-to-action phrases for contact forms include:

  1. Buy now
  2. Shop now
  3. Add to bag/basket/cart
  4. Get yours today
  5. Claim your offer
  6. Grab your discount while supplies last
  7. Redeem your voucher
  8. Unlock your offer
  9. Buy one, get one free
  10. Place order
  11. Spend over ‘X’ for free shipping

Digital Silk’s Call-To-Action Examples For eCommerce

At Digital Silk, we’ve created optimized conversion funnels for eCommerce businesses across industries.

Two of our favorite examples include:

A screenshot of Rollink's deal CTA

For Rollink, we introduced a banner on the homepage with a bold, powerful SHOP NOW! call-to-action.

The messaging in all capitals pulls the customer to Rollink’s shop, while the promise of Free Shipping encourages shoppers to discover the products available.

A screenshot of Buddha Brands' 'add to bag' CTA
[Source: Buddha Brands]

By prompting the visitors of Buddha Brands’ food and beverage e-store to Add To Bag, we are telling them that one click will save their item and place it in a digital bag, which they are then guided to.

What happens next?

As with any form of shopping they will have two options: to continue shopping or to checkout immediately.

A screenshot of Buddha Brands' checkout area CTAs
[Source: Buddha Brands]

As shown above, these two choices are clearly signposted in the cart’s page, guiding the customer through the entire buyer process.

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How To Craft The Best Call-To-Action Phrases

To create powerful call-to-action phrases that are relevant for your website visitors, consider following these key best practices:

1. Use Action Verbs

An action verb is one that expresses an action, movement or process.

By utilizing action verbs in your call-to-action phrases, you can vividly describe what lies behind the action for your audience.

The result?

No surprises, no disappointment and a higher conversion rate.

The type of action verb you choose will have an impact on your results.

For example, B2B networking business PartnerStack increased their conversion rates 111.55% by changing their homepage call-to-action copy from Book a Demo to Get Started.

According to PartnerStack’s founder, website visitors used to associate the Book a Demo messaging with “trying to get them into a sales cycle.”

By instead reading Get Started, the visitors now believe PartnerStack are truly trying to “solve their problem.”

Some common action verbs for different intentions include:

A table showing different action verbs to use in CTAs

2. Include Power Words

A power word is a word that triggers an emotive response, making it a vital tool in persuasive marketing.

By using power words in your calls-to-action, you can successfully connect to a desired emotion of your reader, such as:

  • FOMO
  • Curiosity
  • Desire
  • Trust
  • Confidence

Take a look at the table below for a selection effective power words:

A table showing different power words to use in CTAs

3. Keep It Simple

In writing, simplicity is key. Less is more.


Because shorter sentences are easier to understand.

An American Press Institute study found that 100% of readers understood the contents of newspaper articles that averaged eight words in each sentence.

This dropped to 90% for 14 words, and under 10% for 43 words.

In turn, using short and simple calls-to-action increases your visitor’s understanding of what you offer and boosts the possibility of conversion.

An infographic stating that reader understanding falls with sentence length

4. Create Urgency

Creating urgency is a sales technique used across the world. And it works.

Black Friday highlights how offering time-limited deals and opportunities creates a consumer frenzy.

In fact, global online sales on Black Friday alone reached $65.3 billion last year.

By channeling this urgency to your call-to-action phrases, your business can utilize calls-to-action for similar situations, such as limited edition sales or seasonal products.

Infographic stating that online Black Friday sales hit $65.3 billion globally in 2022

5. Personalize Your Calls-To-Action

Research found that personalized calls-to-action across various channels perform 202% better than basic calls-to-action.

Why is this the case?

Because personalized messaging creates a relevant and engaging user experience.

In other words, by having their intentions directly addressed by your call-to-action, a website visitor is more likely to follow your prompt.

To personalize your calls-to-action, consider the following steps:

  • Track the data: Use analytic tools, like Google Search Console, to understand the behavior of your audience and what they are looking for.
  • Customize your messaging: Create bespoke calls-to-action that will resonate with different segments of your target audience, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Offer value: Make sure your chosen messaging matches and appeals to the specific intentions of your target audience.
  • Test your CTAs: Use A/B testing to narrow down what works best with your audience.
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Some of our core solutions include:

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