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Geissele Automatics Digital Marketing

Boosting Sales With Consumer Centric Email Marketing Strategies

  • Geissele was looking to strengthen their email marketing channel performance and improve conversion rate for the visitors who already visited their website during the sales periods.
  • We built an email marketing strategy that follows our best practices and target audience behavior as well as email automation to increase channel performance.
  • The result: 2x increase in revenue from email YoY
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The Challenge

Geissele needed help with improving email marketing performance:

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Nurturing leads only during high-intent sale periods

Sale periods are usually a period of high search intent for their products and they needed a strategy to capture and nurture warm leads throughout the year, bringing repetitive sales for the brand.

Inadequate email data

The previous email marketing platform they used fell short in delivering adequate information, data and robust metrics, making it challenging to make well-informed and strategic business decisions.

No campaign customization

Campaigns were not tailored to match users’ relevant product searches, and the absence of email automation further hindered the efficient completion of the checkout process for our customers.

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We built an email marketing strategy
that caters to visitors needs and builds long-term engagement.

Some of our deliverables included:
  • Email Campaigns & Automations

    Segmentation of email campaigns was executed based on user intent and visitors who already showed purchasing intent were offered discounts and reminders through automated email flows, combined with nurturing and educational content for Geissele community.

  • Upsell Strategy

    Knowing purchasing habits of repetitive customers helped us create upsell strategy and anticipate their needs based on frequency.

  • Data Migration

    By migrating data to a new platform, we created a better tracking system to reinforce decisions.

  • Goal-Oriented & Data-Based Reports

    Improved reporting helped us understand performance better and align it with client’s business goals, and it improved the client’s decision-making process, which is reflected in the performance of the channel as well.

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The Results

We achieved the following
4th of July campaign results:

2 x

increase in revenue from email YoY

40 %

sale increase in Geissele manufactured products

1.3 M

emails sent in the 4-day sale time frame

120 K

users visited the website from email

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